Diane Warren and Lady Gaga Unleashing the Unspoken Tragedy

I would not consider myself to be a feminist, but I would consider myself a woman who believes in equality. I am a 20 year old Junior at the University of Southern Mississippi. I am very active on campus, especially in my sorority, Delta Delta Delta. As a freshman, I ventured out and went to the fraternity house parties. This was intimidating. But hey, all of my friends are going. Who doesn’t appreciate flattery from attractive potential doctors and lawyers? As an 18 year old, I wanted the attention. I wanted the love. I wanted the flattery. I wanted someone to notice me. I had a friend who was almost sexually assaulted my freshmen year of college. After the homecoming football game, we were going to a party. We both were with dates for the game and the party. I remember calling her after the fourth quarter over and over again. She didn’t answer. I waited in panic until she finally called. She told me very quickly she was not going to the party. She told me her date had gone back with her to her room. A little kissing turned into much more. She insisted he leave, but he pushed her and held her down demanding her to be quiet. She kicked him and started being as loud as she could. Luckily, he got scared that other people in her dorm would hear her, so he left. One thing I noticed when she told me is she made sure I was not going to say anything. She didn’t want people to think badly of her. She automatically felt like the one in the wrong even though she almost was raped. Young women, you live in a manipulative world and you are not at fault for someone’s bad intentions. You are worth so much more and you are better than just a victim.

Diane Warren wrote a song for the movie Hunting Ground titled “Til It Happens to You,” sang by Lady Gaga. The video was released Friday, September 18. In one weekend it got 9,064,369 views. Lady Gaga is not featured in the video. Actors and actresses portray sexual assault on campuses. It is very graphic, but there is not another way to show the heart break women go through every day. Please watch this video and help raise awareness by sharing with your friends and family.

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Til It Happens to You

Diane Warren’s thoughts on “Til It Happens to You”

Diane Warren and Lady Gaga Unleashing the Unspoken Tragedy

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