Amy Schumer – Brains Over Boobs

Amy Schumer has allowed herself to become a feminist icon in her topless picture on the 2016 Pirelli Calendar. This comedian has done something completely serious. In a world full of critics and female stereotypes, she is a representation of beauty.

In a typically sexist magazine, Pirelli is going for a stonger look, over the typical sexy. Strength is sexy. Confidence is sexy. Pirelli is offering a brains over boobs theory that is striking conversation about beauty and also health.

A female trainer at Fourth Street Cross Fit takes a different approach. She believes this picture is supporting poor health. “Sure we can accept overweight women as beautiful, but there’s a fine line between beauty and physical health. It isn’t about being fat or skinny. It’s being healthy. The Pirelli Calendar saying obesity is okay promotes unhealthy living.”

In my opinion, the Pirelli calendar is art. In it’s own way everyone is going to view it differently- fat, ugly, beautiful, too revealing, not fit, awkward pose. Whatever the statement, it’s art and it makes a big one. Amy does not care what anyone thinks. I’m certain this picture is nothing less than flawless to her, and that is what makes this image so beautiful.

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Amy Schumer – Brains Over Boobs

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