The Town Where Boys Are Groomed to Become Pimps

A seventeen year old girl, Rosa (real name not used to protect her identity) was approached in Tenancingo, Mexico by a man who promised her the world. He showed her love and affection, promising he would always take care of her if she worked with him. The man convinced Rosa to move to the United States where she was then  sold into prostitution. 

Rosa is now forced against her own will to be used in brothels through out New York and New Jersey. She stays in rooms for weeks at a time. There have been over 21,000 sex and labor trafficking cases reported since 2007. Survivors from sex trafficking in Tenancingo have been reported the most difficult and tragic cases by the National Human Trafficking Hot line.

Tenancingo is built on exploitation. Networks of traffickers work out of the region. Boys are groomed to become pimps from a young age. Women and young girls get forced to sell their bodies on the streets, in brothels, online, and in cantinas in the United States and Mexico.

Intimidation cannot be a winner of this battle. We know there is a problem. I strongly feel it is our responsibility to raise awareness and help spread the word.

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The Town Where Boys Are Groomed to Become Pimps

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