Twitter- the new frontier

In a world dominated by social media, new and innovative technology and busy work-a-holics, what better way to get information out better than a social media site requiring no more than 140 characters per post.

Twitter is much better than Facebook because no one wants to read a novel to find out what is happening in the world.  I’m an involved, full time college student with a job and homework. I do not have time to endure your lengthy essay about current events- which may or not be relevant.

Example A- Your relationship status on Facebook, otherwise known as your proclamation to the world you finally are in a relationship which may last 3 months, is irrelevant to me.

Example B- Your 140 character tweet or retweet that showed up on my twitter feed is actually more beneficial than a detailed play-by-play of your entire day.

Facebook can be beneficial, but it is becoming outdated because it does not cater the needs of the average person. Communication is key in our society. Twitter is the new frontier because it gives integrity to journalism- straight to the point.


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Twitter- the new frontier

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