Broadcast News Vs. Print News

Broadcast news is different from print news because broadcast is a performance. Writing the script for broadcast is only half of the battle. The dramatic pauses and inflection in the voice while on the air it was truly gives broadcast journalism it’s soul. Broadcast journalism is a practice just as much as it is journalism.

Early print news writers created the Bible of journalism. Its gives you the basic information of how to write as a journalist, and it also allows you to take that back bone of writing and make it your own when writing for social media.  Newspapers give people multiple different platforms to choose from how they read print news in order to even survive. Many newspapers, such as the Washington Post or the Wall Street journal offer readers online subscriptions to encourage people to read the news.

I prefer broadcast over print because I enjoy the performance. It is also easier to write because I can imagine how the reporter should be saying the script as I write it.


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Broadcast News Vs. Print News

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