Communication for Journalists- A challenge?

Communication is difficult for journalists because traditional print news is not what the average scanner is reading. Traditional print news is the foundation of writing for the masses. Today, news articles are available on line. Many people get majority of their news from the lead sentence of an online article. I check the news on twitter after following CNN Breaking News and other news sources such as the Wall Street Journal and NBC.

There is no use in trying to change society to go back to the traditional print style news. It isn’t going to happen. As journalists, the creative souls must cater to the public. After all, we want to get the news out to the masses. It is our responsibility to reach the people.

“I am deeply interested in the progress and elevation of journalism, having spent my life in that profession, regarding it as a noble profession and one of unequaled importance for its influence upon the minds and morals of the people.” –Joseph Pulitzer.
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Communication for Journalists- A challenge?

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