Public Relations & Advertising

Public Relations has a special place in my heart because it’s my major, and because it is an interesting form of reaching the masses. For this part of journalism, the role flips. You are no longer writing for just the public. You write for the media to read and critique. It is the Public Relation Practitioner’s job to represent their organization well enough for the media to be convinced. PR is urgent. It is prompt. It is to the point with emphasis on main points. Public relations must deliver without fail.

Similarly, advertising is a convincing action. You must know your product like public relations requires you to understand the organization you represent. Advertising and public relations go hand in hand because part of Public Relations is advertising. In order to be able to advertise well, you must have excellent PR skills.

Advertising impacts our culture, our economy and the way we think. Being able to communicate for advertising is best given by a skilled Public Relations thinker.

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Public Relations & Advertising

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