The Real Scandal of Scandal

Scandal has been on the air for five seasons, each leaving you wanting more. Olivia and Fitz finally get to be together. It’s not their Vermont, but they are together. Mellie is out of that big ole’ White House. Elizabeth North is the babysitter for the Vice President. And the great Cyrus Beene is chief of staff, in his rightful place. Does this sound like the fairy tale all of the faithful gladiators have been looking for? Why of course not.

Gladiators thrive on the scandal of Scandal. As we fall in love over and over again with the handsome, dreamy Jake Ballard, we become even more connected to the scandal within a scandal. Let’s face it. Who needs the married president of the United States when you can have a trained killer. He’s handsome and loving, with a crazy side: your modern day prince charming.

The true scandal of Scandal is we cannot get enough of the love triangles, back stabbing, and plotting against and among our favorite characters. How will we ever get closure? Will the story end with Fitz and Olivia living happily ever after? Well then we wouldn’t be entertained without the scandal, would we? So it is my personal opinion the directors of the show will kill Fitz in a presidential assassination so Jake and Olivia can be together, as God intended.


Until next time (gladiators),


The Real Scandal of Scandal

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