Girls Lift, Too

Have you ever considered lifting weights? If you are dabbling in the exercise world, you have seen or heard about lifting weights. Ladies, lets go ahead and talk about the elephant in the room. Lifting weights will not make you bulky. In the past month, I lost ten pounds. Here’s the even better part. I lost inches lifting weights. Throw away those sexist thoughts; men can have bodies at their strongest and fullest potential, but women should just stick to running or the stare stepper. Women, you are strong. Lifting weights causes you to burn fat faster while toning muscles at the same time.

When I first began lifting, I used a hallow PVC pipe. Today, I can put 100 pounds above my head. To increase the speed of fat burning, I always do cardio to take my body to the next level of improvement.

Form is everything! You must have proper technique to lift heavy weights. No matter the weight increase, form stays the same. I have dropped my weight down before to work on technique if I felt my form was getting sloppy. Sloppy causes injury. Once you achieve muscle memory from practicing proper form, you will increase your muscle tone and strength dramatically.

I have provided a link of a CrossFitter’s story and her wonderful life experiences because she lifts weights. CNN did an interview with her because she was 9 months pregnant dead lifting (picking weight up from the floor and standing) 215 pounds. She says strength made her pregnancy easier. She also blogged about her entire experience on . Here, you can find her experience and other women’s experiences lifting and working out while pregnant. Whether you are pregnant or not, this shows the power of lifting weights for women. Be beautiful, strong and happy. You already are on the inside, now it’s time to show it on the outside.

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Girls Lift, Too

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