What is Exercise?

Exercise- engage in physical activity to sustain or improve health and fitness. Exercise is becoming a trending topic in 2016 because we live in a spoiled culture. It is common to see a student riding their hover board to class instead of walking. If this becomes more popular, majority of students will never move a muscle all day. Talk about the freshman fifteen. It’s going to be more accurately the freshman fifty. As we evolve (get larger), people seek exercise as a way to cope with the laziness and the piece of cake clogging our arteries. The only problem is, what you put in your body affects your physical performance in the gym and your everyday life. If you fill your gas tank with water, your car isn’t going to get very far.

As you begin your exercise routine, whether it be high impact such as cross fit , or low impact if you are a beginner, such as walking for thirty minutes each day, you will not get the results you want without your fuel. Protein, carbs, fiber and some fats and sugars all need to be part of your diet and balanced properly to get the best results. Your body needs nutrients, not junk! As you begin to prepare your daily meals, you will learn ways to substitute greasy french fries and candy.

Step one of exercise- fuel your body with nutrients it needs for the best performance.

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What is Exercise?

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