A Slice Of Pizza Instead of the Entire Pie

In America today, our culture thrives on food. “Let’s go talk about this over dinner,” many say. “Who is going to cater the party?”Food is the main priority of any event right next in line with venue.

Every holiday is celebrated with huge family dinners. Thanksgiving has a very traditional meal full of carbs, sauces and casseroles. It’s expected to eat until you are stuffed, encouraging overeating. During this one meal, the average person indulges in around 4,000 calories. This is triple the amount of a normal diet.

So, what does all of this mean and why does it matter? In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and body, you have to have a well balanced diet. Am I saying eliminate the good stuff (pizza, pasta and pastries)? Absolutely not. Everything is good in moderation. Don’t miss your birthday cake. That’s torture. But do not make eating unhealthy things or overeating a habit.

pizza   When tempted to have more than one slice of pizza, remember the effects that eating a lot of this food will cause you to be more tired and you will not feel energized and well enough to perform your best during your workout .

Many times, you might feel the need to over indulge after your workout because you have burned a lot of calories and your body wants to recover. Instead of over eating, have a protein shake before your meal and drink plenty of water making your hunger not be so bad.

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A Slice Of Pizza Instead of the Entire Pie

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