Lu Lu Lemon Workout Attire

Lu Lu Lemon has become one of the best athletic clothes brand to date, offering both men’s and women’s clothing at a high price to tennis players, runners, dancers, crossfitters, and people who practice yoga. On average, a pair of shorts cost around $60. A shirt is around the same price or more. Workout pants average from $80 to $120.


Why is there such a rave about Lu Lu Lemon? First, Mississippi is taking initiative to fight against bad health. Second, because of charming southern belle personalities, it would be much more enticing to work out in stylish clothes than working out in old sweats. I know new work out clothes are definitely great incentive to hit the gym.

There are two stores near the Hattiesburg area, one in Jackson, Mississippi, and the other is in New Orleans. I have been to the store in New Orleans and I will say I had an enjoyable experience.

Additionally, the clothes have full support and are made very well. Make sure to NEVER put them in the dryer. The clothes are air dry only!


Lu Lu Lemon Workout Attire

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