Crawfish- Pros & Cons

As a southern woman, I take great pride in crawfish- not just as a meal, but what it means to my friends and family. It’s apart of our culture.

I grew up in a family where we have seafood gumbo for Christmas dinner, and a crawfish boil for Easter Sunday. Nothing is better than indulging in pounds and pounds of crawfish, plus corn and potatoes (the BEST part).


Can something so good have its consequences? yes and no. Here are some pros and cons of crawfish so you have a better understanding about what you are eating and how it affects your overall health.


  • Crawfish is only 100 calories a pound.
  • Crawfish is high in protein.
  • You can enjoy cajun flavor in a light meal.


  • Crawfish is high in sodium.
  • Normally the sauces associated with crawfish are high in fat.
  • Most side dishes, including, corn and potatoes are high in fat and carbohydrates.

Knowing these pros and cons, I hope you are able to make good decisions while eating a wonderful meal with friends and family this season. Cheers, and let the good times roll!

Until next time,



Crawfish- Pros & Cons

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