Fit Aid: The Ultimate Recovery Drink

If you want some type of recovery drink, but you aren’t a big fan of protein shakes, Fit Aid is for you. Fit Aid is not an energy drink. It is strictly for performance and recovery after a workout. It is a low calorie, all natural drink with raw organic blue agave. It is also paleo diet friendly.


Here is how Fit Aid works. The drink has something called Glutamine for muscle recovery, vitamin B complex and green tea extract for endurance and energy, and also powerful antioxidants- vitamins C and E. The drink contains Glucosamine to improve joint health, amino acids for strength, speed and power, and electrolytes for muscle stamina. The drink includes CoQ-10 and Omega 3 EFA for cardiovascular support, vitamin D for a healthy immune response, and turmeric quercetin for flexibility and agility.

I see great results in all athletes, male and female, from using this recovery drink, and it’s definitely worth a try.

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Fit Aid: The Ultimate Recovery Drink

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