Coffee- a dieter’s best friend

In previous blogs, I discussed the importance of a well balanced diet, and the importance of not overeating. There is most likely a strong chance that in attempt to cut back on food, your stomach will want more to be in it. You may even suffer from minor migraines .

Your fix and answer to all your hunger and headache worries is a strong cup of coffee. No, I did not say a french vanilla latte without whip cream. Your cup of coffee needs to consist of mainly coffee, soy milk or almond milk, and sugar free sweetener if necessary.

Try to have one cup in between breakfast and lunch. Sometimes, I have a cup in between lunch and dinner to maintain my hunger as well.

If your headache’s continue, make sure you are eating all food groups equally and consider consulting your doctor for further information or additional medication.


Coffee- a dieter’s best friend

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