I am beautiful.


These three women are all very different, but they have one thing in common-beauty. As a woman living in a man’s world, it’s hard to mold ourselves to fit a certain stereo-type. Guess what, if you are a wide shouldered curvy woman, and you wear a size large, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. If you are struggling to gain weight and you feel that you don’t have enough curve, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. If you know you can do anything a man can do, and probably better, so you have muscles, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

The purpose of my outreach to women is to promote women to love themselves enough to be healthy. I am not encouraging you to change yourself. I am encouraging self love and overall good physical and mental health. Every woman’s end result will be different. Thank goodness women are all different shapes and sizes, adding flavor and color to our world. Keep working hard, and doing what you love. Be a real woman in a sexist man’s world.

Until next time,



I am beautiful.

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