Sweet Pea, Get Rid of the Sweet Tea

In one cup of sweet tea, there are over 200 calories in a 16 oz cup. WHAT?! The most common household drink in the southeastern region of the United States in sweet tea. Nothing tastes better with Grandma’s roast, rice and gravy than a big ole glass of sweet tea.

Unfortunately, sweet tea is basically sugar or syrup water. If you are eating healthy foods, and carefully planning out your meals, you are counteracting your efforts with sweet tea. Some people drink up to 5 glasses of sweet tea a day.


Sweet pea, it’s time to substitute the cup of sugar water for unsweetened tea. This may seem heart breaking, but hear me out. One cup of unsweetened tea has around ten calories. Add a packet of the zero calorie all natural sweetener, stevia, to your tea. This is a much healthier option, and from one southern gal to another, I promise it’s worth it.

Until next time,


Sweet Pea, Get Rid of the Sweet Tea

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