Chats with my Trainer 

Becca Hassell is a nursing major at the University of Southern Mississippi, a (my) personal trainer at the Payne Center and one of my best friends. 

I think it’s important to give you body image advice from a credible source. Becca works with women and men of all different shapes and sizes with different goals and health conditions. 

Becca deals with negative body image daily. She is active in fighting against the negative and promotes positive body image. 

Listen to my interview with this kind soul about why you shouldn’t be anything but healthy and yourself! 


Chats with my Trainer 

Make Up, Lemonade, and Messy Bun 

Because words cannot explain the process of make up application, I have decided to share with you a make up tutorial with a little back ground jams from Queen B, herself. 

This video is how I start my day, in a tshirt (usually, sometimes Nana’s night gown) and my hair on top of my head- nothin’ fancy y’all. 

Before you watch the video, here are a few things you need to know. 

1. I’m not a painter. 

Make up should accent your natural beauty. I understand that intense contouring is an art, but you will not see that here. I use primers, foundation (maybe), concealer and bronzer for my contour. 

2. Over the counter is your friend. 

Spending a lot of money on one product doesn’t make it the best. Most products I will be using in the video, with the exception of a few, were bought at Walgreens. 

3. Practice makes perfect. 

I have always been the friend who does everyone’s hair and make up. I know it is frustrating to find a look on Pinterest, try it on your own, and fail. Make up application is a skill set. It’s not impossible. The more you try, the better it will be. 

WARNING: Fake eyelashes are used (of course) in the making of this film.  


Make Up, Lemonade, and Messy Bun